Surviving a not so friendly workplace

Hkeep calm and engineering onere we go again, got a descent paid job, doing research you enjoy, possibly in your area of  expertice but…there is a catch! The collegues , fellow employees, supervisors , line managers are just not your cup of tea. What to do? ? Robert I.Sutton , author of the great in my opinion The No Asshole Rule , Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t, has covered all corners.

The book analyses 12 common areas  of misbehaving in the workplace , from a perspective of an employee, useful insight and   giving some tips on how to adjust your behavior so to survive such a place. Plenty of reasons why people chooseto  stay on a job they might not getting along with their surroundings, unemployement, practical benefits including academic reputation , salary , career opportunities. However cross cultural clashes or simply character’s  incompatibility do result in the formulation of rather unpleasant atmosphere at work , that is often hard to escape.

Numerous books of such kind do exist however, Mr.Sutton  is different,  focusing in academia, using examples of his own experience with humour and sincerety. The book is uplifting , helping one realising that academics are flawed human beings like everybody else , prone to mistakes and trumphs.  In every chapter, practical advices are given mostly evovling around the notion of fighting peacefully , keeping up dignity and self respect but also using the power of the HR if necessary. A must read especially for young academics, early career researchers, postdocs, who often are found lost in a turmoil  of hardship.


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